For our 4th TEAM TALKS blog, this week we had a quick chat with Krzysztof our Events Manager, to hear all about his background before SPRT, his passion for Basketball and his highlights of 2018! Here’s what he had to say:

Let’s start with a bit of background, can you introduce yourself and tell us how you came to join SPRT?

‘Well, I’m Krzysztof (31) and have been with SPRT since day one. What most people do not know is that before SPRT, I trained as a technical assistant for a medical device technology company. However, I realised early on that this wasn’t the path for me and that I needed a career more centred around people. That’s why I decided to join the Berlin police. A profession that I enjoy massively and that has taught me a lot. At some point, Jacob came to me and told me about his vision. From that point on I was part of SPRT.’

And have you always been based in Berlin?

‘I was born in Poland. At the age of 3, I moved to Berlin with my family and have been here ever since!’

So just for those that don’t know, can you tell us what you do at SPRT?

‘At SPRT I’m responsible for our offline events and organisational matters. With what I do, I work hand in hand with the wider team. We have experienced many ups and downs together but it is all worth it when I see what our events look like now. We have a large, dedicated community who come to our events every time and bring their friends along too. Without Gabriel engaging the community and Vince for connecting with our partners, all of this would not be possible. All of this motivates me to continue working on our events to make them even bigger, more exciting and more breathtaking.

At this point, I must also express great praise to our Motivators who direct our events and put their hearts and souls into them.’

Great, I think we’d all agree that all of our events have taken off massively and it’s great to see our ground community growing. Can you quickly tell us a bit about your character, what makes you you?!

‘I love sport! Originally I come from a martial arts and basketball background. In addition, I have participated in many competitions and a variety of races. What makes me me is that I can always keep calm even in stressful moments. I think that benefits our team and the running of our events.’

Wow nice, it sounds like you’re extremely busy! So if you do get any free time what do you do to relax?

‘Well, nearly everyone has a smartphone in their pocket with more than a decent camera, that’s a place to start! Get out, challenge yourself and try to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Practice makes perfect.’

Sounds like a good balance! So looking forward to 2019, what’s one goal you have for the next year?

‘I have many ideas for events that I want to put on with SPRT next year. My goal is to implement them as well as possible and to work together with other companies in the sports industry.’

If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go?

‘If I could choose a destination, then it would have to be a country with beautiful landscapes where I can hike and just relax.’

Nice! Do you have a sporting inspiration or someone you look up to?

‘My athletic role models? Hmm, there are several … Mike Tyson is a role model. An athlete with his stature and weight who is as fast as a flyweight but also has the power of a locomotive is undoubtedly really impressive! Many see the aggressive nature within him but I see his talent and dedication.’

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for Basketball? What role has it played in your life and what were your biggest achievements?

‘I played basketball for 4 years in a club and my team was very good. In the ‘Oberliga’ I decided to move away from basketball. Then I found boxing and I discovered a real love for it and a new talent. Apart from boxing, I also trained in mixed martial arts for 5 years.’

It’s really interesting how you’ve migrated from one sport to another to find your true passion. Can you give us one reason you love Berlin or one reason you love to escape it?!

‘What I love about Berlin? There is always something going on here! I can always go somewhere shopping, to do sport or just go for a walk. In Berlin, there are places filled with hustle and bustle but there are also many quieter areas so there’s something for everyone and a healthy balance. The only thing missing is a beach and amazing weather! Although, the weather was excellent this year!’

‘A negative?! Well, it has to be said that the rental prices in Berlin are not so nice!’

I couldn’t agree more! And to finish off, what’s been your highlight of 2018?

‘I am proud of the SPRT team and what we have created right from the product to the events! Sometimes we wish that the day has more than 24 hours so we can just keep going!’

Thank you for taking some time to talk to us today Krzysztof, we’ll let you get back to event planning!

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