We’re back with the SPRT Motivator Diaries again!

This week we caught up with Chris, another passionate member of our team to talk about fitness, SPRT, mental strength and dealing with change.

When did you first hear about SPRT and how did you become a SPRT Motivator?

‘The first time I heard about SPRT was in October 2017 when Jakob contacted me online. He told me about his idea and offered to test the app before the release the guys from SPRT invited me to rent24 for an app presentation. There, I was able to get an even more detailed picture of SPRT and its vision. Later, the idea of ​​the Motivator program came up and I was asked if I would like to become part of it. Without hesitation, my answer was YEEEES!’

How would you describe being a Motivator to someone who’d never heard of the scheme?

‘The Motivators are representatives of the SPRT community. They are all experienced trainers who lead the SPRT events and support you in the areas of yoga, fitness and running. They try to get the most potential out of each individual participant and want to share their enthusiasm for the sport with others!’

Very well put! How has SPRT grown or adapted since you first got to know the brand and team?

‘The App has developed rapidly, new features have been added and in my eyes, the design has improved a lot. More and more people have gotten to know SPRT which we can see through our events as well as in the numbers of downloads. If development continues as it is (and it will be for sure!) then SPRT will continue to grow and reach further goals.’

What characteristics do you see in the SPRT community or team which particularly drew you to get involved?

‘We all share the passion to do sports together. It’s nice to be part of the SPRT team. We always meet at eye level, treat each other respectfully and support each other. My favourite event so far was our outdoor training with Freeletics because we had the opportunity to bring two great communities together. Over 50 people took part and the training ground was almost too small! ;)’

How did you come to join the Freeletics family?

‘I heard from a friend about the Ambassador program which I then applied for. Before that, I’d been training with Freeletics for a long time and had led the community. Freeletics not only helped me to get bigger muscles but also to become fitter. I see myself as an athlete and I try to combine strength and endurance training. One of my highlights was the marathon I ran in Berlin and the 1000 Burpee Challenge.’

Congratulations, those are amazing achievements! How important do you think mental strength is in achieving goals of any kind?

‘Mental strength includes many useful characteristics for me such as; discipline, motivation, focus and stamina. These are extremely important factors for me because they help me to achieve the goals I have set. In my opinion, it’s vital to regularly test my own limits and to push myself because only people who leave their comfort zones can improve and develop further.’

Can you give us an example of one time you really challenged your boundaries physically or mentally?

‘The hardest thing I’ve ever done so far both physically and psychologically was participating in the Pro7Maxx TV show “Hart, Härter, Höllencamp”. This was a 72-hour challenge like how the military special forces train. If you want, you can watch it here (Season 1, Episode 2). It was even harder than it looked!!!’

You’re off travelling to Canada soon, can you tell us why you’re making the move and what drew you to make the big decision?

‘I have always aspired to experience living abroad for a few months, to broaden my horizons. My choice fell on Canada because I can improve my English language there, I can work and travel at the same time and see the beautiful landscapes in person.
Let’s start the biggest adventure of my life so far! I’m looking forward to all the recommendations and contacts! ;).’

I’m sure it will be an incredible experience, following on from that why do you think change is important in our lives?

‘I think change is important because it means progress. And I think that’s what life is all about: learning and developing over and over again. As Anthony Robbins once said, “By changing nothing, nothing changes.”’

Finally, have you ever had difficulties in terms of dealing with change? If so, how did you deal with it?

‘Yes, when I decided to make a career change and get out of mechanical engineering. I dealt with the difficulty by starting to work more deeply on myself and get to know myself better. I have attended many seminars and workshops for myself which I found extremely helpful.’

That brings us to the end of our fourth Motivator interview, make sure you stay up to date with all of Chris’ events on the SPRT App before he travels to Canada in the summer. We all wish him the best of luck in advance!

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