It’s time for another TEAM TALKS interview! Ever wondered who’s behind all of our amazing photos and videos? Meet Lukas, SPRT’s Videographer. His talent can be seen by anyone who follows us on our Social Media but want to know more about the guy behind the camera?! Keep reading!

First things first, why not let everyone here know what you get up to at SPRT…!

‘I’m the creative artworker at SPRT, that means I’m responsible for everything that includes graphics. Any of the banners, photos or videos you see online: Most of them were created by me.’

And what makes you, you? How would you describe your character?

‘A coworker of ours, Gabriel, described me as a person who brings a very balanced energy into the room. I’m a very autodidact person so when I don’t know how something works I try to teach myself how to do it.’

Your problem solving and ingenuity at such a young age is definitely paying off! Huge props! So tell us all about your passions, how they started and why your passions are important to you?

‘So I was always passionate about capturing the moment..when I was very young every once in a while I grabbed my dad’s camcorder and pretended to film action movies. This passion evolved over time and with endless resources on the internet and a lot of trial and error I figured out how to shoot photos or videos and edit them.’

‘Passions = life. My passions are super important to me and they fulfil my life in every moment.’

Wow, really well said, so what was the first camera you ever owned?

‘I got a little point and shoot camera when I was young, nothing special but at least a camera and something to start with. At the age of 13, I saved up my money from birthdays, Christmas and so on and bought my first DSLR.’

Nice! Sounds like it started a great journey to where you are now. What would be your 1 top tip to someone who wants to try something creative like photography but doesn’t know where to start!?

‘Well, nearly everyone has a smartphone in their pocket with more than a decent camera, that’s a place to start! Get out, challenge yourself and try to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Practice makes perfect.’

Is there anything you’re working towards right now?

‘I want to get more involved in documentary filmmaking and photography. It’s something really special to add a certain meaning or a story to photos.’

Ah we’re looking forward to it! What’s been the highlight of your year so far or something you’re really proud of?

‘Making the step to join SPRT full-time was a big step this year. A highlight was the Midnight Runner’s run in Hamburg it was an experience which totally changed my mindset!’

What’s your favourite place that you’ve photographed?

‘There are a bunch. I travelled to Dublin for a week this year and besides the beautiful city, I went to a small town outside of the city. Howth was definitely one of my favourite places that I have ever photographed.’

And so where’s next? Where’s on your bucket list to visit?

‘Canada and South Africa are a high priority for me, but the rest of the world is on the bucket list as well as fantasizing about travelling to another planet.’

Haha well, why not aim high?! You better show us the pictures once you have! What’s your most listened to song right now?

‘I create a playlist every month of my favourite music, but currently, my favourite song is Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant.’

Why did you move to Berlin?

‘Berlin was always a place I was fascinated by. It’s only 100km away from my hometown and a city for creatives.’

What’s your favourite thing to do if you have some time off in Berlin?

‘Hop on public transport, roll a dice to decide how many stations I go and then get off and take pictures at that place. Getting lost is literally the best way to explore a city.’

Wow maybe we should all try that, can you give us just one reason you love Berlin if you had to choose?

‘A lot of different cultures and people from all over the world coming together in one place is what makes this city truly beautiful.’

Let’s get on brand! Would you consider yourself sporty and if so, what part does sport play in your life?

‘Sure! Sport plays a big part of my life. To keep balance with everyday life sport is super important. I don’t go to the gym so I try to implement sport into my daily routines. For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking, riding my bike almost every day or chopping firewood.’

And finally, if I made you pick, what 3 things only would you take to a desert island?

  • eBook
  • Camera
  • Powerbank

Well, Lukas thank you so much for taking a bit of time out of your day to talk to me and give everyone a little insight into the brain behind all of our amazing Motivator Monday videos and all other online content! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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