foodspring: a brand with no introduction needed for those at home in Berlin! One of the biggest and most successful fitness & lifestyle nutrition companies on the table…And SPRT partner.

Here on the SPRT blog, we like to give our community an insight as to what we do behind the scenes. A huge priority for the team this year so far has been finding the right partners whose vision, story and brand matches with SPRT’s ethos and community focused drive.

Back at the start of January, we began talks with foodspring, one of the leading companies online selling nutrition products. The relationship quickly grew and just a month later we did our first Motivator Monday with them on board as a partner of the event.

Now, a few months more into our partnership, we’ve sat down with Steffi, Community Manager DACH at foodspring, to discuss the partnership and share it with our community here.

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About foodspring:

foodspring has grown and developed a lot since it was first founded as ‘Egg’ in 2013, Steffi explained that the company’s founders were looking for a clean and transparent protein brand and wanted to bring sports nutrition to the next level. ‘We, from the start, were totally transparent about how and where our products were produced.’

Over the years the company has grown to not only encompass protein-based products and whey.

The company changed and developed their brand vision to accommodate ‘a person on the go’ and someone aiming to lead a ‘healthier lifestyle’: no matter how often you go to the gym or whatever fitness goal you have.

Brand, customers and feedback

Talking business and foodspring’s USP, Steffi stated that one of the most important things for the brand is customer feedback. ‘Regularly using surveys asking customers what they want, we are able to try and use that as a springboard to invent new products which directly correlate to what our community are asking for.’

foodspring is now largely acclaimed not only for supplements but for much more than where they started, ‘foodspring is not just for people who are running marathons or training every day, we offer motivation and tips and tricks on how to live a happier and healthier lifestyle for everyone. We’re not saying that you have to cut out all chocolate, for example, instead we’re saying here is a way that you can enjoy your cravings in the right way. Our new protein chocolate is tasty and sure to satisfy that chocolate craving but in a different way, made from high-quality ingredients and extra protein. You know where they come from, that the production is paid fairly and that we’re trying to do our best for the environment too.’

Every couple of weeks foodspring launch a new limited edition product to test their potential future products on their community, get feedback and develop their recipes to make the best products possible. Steffi gave me an example where foodspring had asked their community what they thought of the protein bars, although the majority of the feedback expressed that they were tasty, the team also noticed that many people found the bars too hard. Upon reflection, they went back and adapted their product and relaunched them with their new formula based on what the community had wanted.

SPRT X foodspring

So why did foodspring, already with a huge online product shop and growing client base feel it was important to partner with the SPRT App?

Steffi explained that from foodspring’s position the partnership was a ‘pretty easy decision’, she continued by saying that the timing of the partnership worked well and that SPRT’s growing offline community was particularly attractive to the company. ‘We’re based online, we don’t know our customers personally. About a year ago I decided that we had to start reaching out and getting to know our customers more. We wanted to start getting involved with events and meeting our customers to personally ask them about our products and brand. SPRT’s community is very similar to ours, both consist of very motivated people and our communities connect with each other.’

‘At the first Motivator Monday event we did together, the whole thing just clicked and felt right,’ Steffi told me. ‘Forgive the pun but it just felt healthy together, both communities could feel connected with both brands and it was great for foodspring to get together and present ourselves on a personal, face-to-face basis rather than just online.’

‘The shared mindset amongst everyone at the event was inspiring for everyone at foodspring and that we can both learn a lot from each other. foodspring, already with a large online community can aid SPRT’s reach but SPRT can help the team here to understand how to handle an offline community and how to grow and nurture that.’

SPRT’s Take!

From having foodspring on board, we have been able to share our vision, product, events and story with many other likeminded people who may not have been aware of the App previously. The partnership has been an exciting opportunity and we are constantly looking to develop our partnerships to achieve bigger and better things in the future.

SPRT’s events are free, open to all and with no limitations. With no paid membership or no limit on the number of events you can take part in we intend to continue using this platform to engage and motivate sport’s communities all over the world to connect with others and discover their passions.

Thank you to Steffi for taking the time out of her busy schedule to sit down and talk with us, and to foodspring as a whole for recognising SPRT’s work and vision and helping share that amongst both of our communities.

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