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We’ve been sitting down with our team of Motivators-the people who represent SPRT and push you to your limits every Monday! This week we met up with Ricarda, another of the Motivator team…let’s jump into it and get chatting about all things yoga!

So, starting off with the basics, how long have you been a SPRT Motivator?

‘I was part of the team a little before the App launched and we did the first Motivator Monday events together. The very first one we had just 4 people attend and at the next one, at the top of Victoriapark in Kreuzberg, we already had 30-35 participants come and join! ? You were there Aimée I’m sure you remember it!?

I definitely do, it was such a great location! So out of all of the events you’ve done with SPRT now, which would be your favourite if you had to choose one?

‘I think maybe the one in Viktoriapark with the view over the city, but also when I did ‘Silent Disco Yoga’ with the team, it’s an idea that I had after going to Silent Disco Parties.

Everybody gets a pair of wireless headphones and there’s either a different playlist that he or she can choose from or one playlist that the whole group listens to. The setting is dark with disco lights to create a totally different atmosphere to a normal yoga class. The clue is that people will feel more with their self in the dark so it’s easier to stay focused and not look around so much because the headphones help isolate you to concentrate. No sounds from outside can distract you, it’s just you, your music and the instructor’s voice.’

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Why do you think free events like the SPRT MM series are important in a place like Berlin?

‘I think in a fast-paced city like Berlin you meet so many people all the time and that’s nice. But having a place like the Motivator Monday events where we’ve become a community (Not only for these events but for all events that SPRT is promoting with their App.) and can meet every week it gives you a feeling of stability and therefore comfort. Even though us Motivators take you out of your comfort zone in our classes sometimes we all do it together.’

What characteristics would you say are important for being a Motivator?

‘I would say the most important is that the Motivator wants the participants to succeed. Which means for me that in a yoga class, not only do participants get into the right alignment but will also notice a difference after the class whilst having fun during the session itself. I personally like it when we all don’t take ourselves too seriously but still stay focused and motivated to challenge ourselves. If you can’t reach some pose or your balance isn’t the best that day- just accept that and enjoy it anyway!’

Would you say you’ve seen SPRT grow since getting to know the team and becoming a Motivator? If so, how?

‘I already mentioned how the events have grown. That’s probably the most obvious evolution. Team-wise- I didn’t know any of the other Motivators in the beginning and now that we’ve spent some time together I definitely feel very connected to everybody. It’s always great to team up with like-minded people!  SPRT as a product grew -and is constantly growing- by adjusting and developing the App all the time. But not only that, I think it’s really smart of the team to stay so transparent for us; the Motivators and for the community. I can see how that is helping everybody to grow and build their community!’

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Could you tell us a bit about your life and career before SPRT?

‘I’ve always been a free spirit that finds it very hard to commit to one thing, especially when that means I am stuck in one place for a while. This is why I’ve never really had an office job, or just something “serious” if you will. So before working as a yoga instructor and event creator, I have been jobbing around, travelling and doing music.

I started to sing in a band and record my own songs when I was 15. I did all kinds of gigs and had some success in the south of Germany with radio stations etc. because I lived in that area at that time. Then I moved to Cologne, found a new band and another music project. I studied at the Deutsche Pop Academy and went to acting workshops. After I introduced myself to a big production company close to Cologne they asked me to join a new TV show right from the start. Thinking that being on Tv almost every day and moving to Berlin would help my music and be fun, I agreed. After being part of the production for 2,5 years I got a lot of attention but I found that I couldn’t use it for the music as I’d wanted. It’s complicated, so I kinda had to wait and have been part of some projects that made learn more and earn some money.’

Making such a bold transition must have been daunting: What drove you to still do it?

‘Uuuh we’re getting so deep! I experienced disappointment after disappointment and needed to step away. The low points that made me feel like it wasn’t for me anymore came a little more often than they usually did. But I think everybody who wants to reach a certain goal has felt those feelings at some point!’

So, when exactly did yoga start becoming more important in your life?

‘When I lived in Miami 2017 I met a yoga teacher called Jenny Cornero. I took 2 of her classes every week and learned a lot! Then I decided to get the same teacher training as her and go to the Bahamas. I was there for about 3 weeks and then had to leave the island: Haha, that’s a whole different story! ? …So spontaneously I found this teacher training in Mexico that sounded really great and semi-accidentally started about a week after. I went straight from there and got my license.’

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Has yoga changed your life or outlook on life in any way?

‘I’ve always liked to improve and develop myself in different ways but after I found yoga, I fell in love with the process of working on yourself and becoming ever more present. I also know now that my mood and energy can change completely after a session of yoga.’

And last but not least…why do you think we should we all take a leap which might seem daunting at first?

‘Because stepping out of your comfort zone really is a short cut to achieving your dreams! I am so sure that everybody has an individual purpose and once you find it and can be 100% authentic I believe you’ll be unstoppable.’

Well, you’ve given us a lot to think about! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Ricarda, it’s been great to catch up!

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