Hi, It’s just us checking in! How are things going?

Specifically we want to know how your new years resolutions or goals are going…

The January Buzz

Typically in the first few weeks of January, everyone is going full speed ahead with their goals, joining gyms or starting up something new. This is great! But then, as we all start to get back to work and real life kicks in, we struggle to maintain giving these goals the attention and time we started by giving them. This is totally normal but can feel somewhat demoralising when you look back on the end of January and see that some of your very good intentions have fallen by the wayside.

This week we wanted to do a little post to remind us all that just because you might have let things slip a little, that doesn’t mean your journey to achieving your goals is over. Actually, it’s the exact opposite, failing and struggling every now and then is what will make the moment you see your hard work paying off even more worth it. Everyone can do better- that’s part of being human but there’s so much beauty in trying! Working towards any kind of goal is good for both the body and mind and works wonders for productivity.

It’s so easy to be slightly unrealistic at the start of a new year and start to worry about the pressure and expectations you’ve put on yourself but you’ve essentially done the hardest part: Recognising that you can’t do everything at once and that actually you need to revisit that list of goals you set yourself and prioritise them. Find that one goal that really sticks out to you as something you’d still really like to achieve and are determined enough to put the time and effort into.

Think Triangle!

Once you’ve identified your main goal, visualise a triangle in your head. Your top goal is the very top of that triangle, then a little further down the triangle you’ve got your middle tier, that’s where maybe 2 more goals sit, and then, at the bottom of the triangle, you’ll have 3 or so more goals sat there.

This triangle structure can really help you prioritise your goals, they are no longer just a big list which seems difficult to visualise and a little overwhelming. Now, they are structured and help you decide what you should focus yourself on most and how you should divide your time.

Important to remember is that although it’s great to have a really big personal goal to work towards, not all of the goals in the triangle need to be huge big things, they could be ‘call my grandma once a week’. This distribution of big and small goals in terms of achievability, although clearly very subjective, is also really important in you actually being able to achieve them.

Having some small goals you can tick off your list weekly, will 1. make them habits which you can sustainably keep doing, and 2. keep your mind focused on a bigger, maybe more long-term goal which you can begin to chip away at.

Keep Going!

No one said working for your goals was going to be easy, but it definitely will be rewarding. Don’t feel like it’s a waste of time to revisit that long list you made at the start of January, reflect on what has and hasn’t worked the past month and reassess what you want to achieve and take away from 2019 with you. And hey, you’re reading this! That’s a step in the right direction!

To anyone who’s still focused and crushing their 2019 goals, keep going! A huge congrats from us! But remember to check in with yourself every now and again to make sure you’re still on the right path and prioritizing to get the most out of your hard work.

All in all, we want to give everyone the message today that goals don’t have to begin on a certain date, and we’re not even telling you to start today. But what we do think would be a good idea is for all of us to take a couple of minutes out of our busy lives for a moment of reflection and to decide what’s on the top of our triangles.

The possibilities are endless!

Whatever you think you’d like to give a go, there’s bound to be something out there which will capture your interest. Moreover, there will definitely be people out there who have the same mindset as you and also want to try something new! So have a think about some kind of activity which could shake up your routine and make it happen! Try and adopt the ‘why not?!’ attitude and see what happens, you’ll most likely have an incredible one-off experience, find a new passion or even some great new friends in the process.

Happy Friday!?

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