Ahead of our event in cooperation with WeWork next week we thought that this week we’d treat you with not 2 blogs as normal but 3!

Here’s why should your office push the desks aside and do sports together once the working day is done!

Dealing with pressure and deadlines

Everyone knows that doing sport is the perfect way to destress and forget about the daily grind and this can be particularly beneficial in a work-related setting. A team works best and is most productive when all of its members have a clear head and are not overworked. Make sure as a team, you and your coworkers keep in mind that leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping balanced is the key to success!

Teambuilding through sport

Sport connects people in a unique way, unlike anything else. Teambuilding should not be underestimated or thought of a waste of time. Rather the opposite, teambuilding can valuably add to a team’s communication and ability to function strongest. Taking time out as little as once a week can have far-reaching positive effects and there is no better way than to do it through sport! Whether it’s basketball, yoga or ping pong, the sport isn’t most important here, it’s taking time out to connect and reassess which really counts. So have fun and strengthen your whole team through sport!

Getting out of your daily routine and getting sport into it!

Doing something out of the ordinary refreshes our brain- perfect for the mid-week slump! We all struggle to keep our momentum going towards the end of the week but sport can really bring back any inspiration you might be struggling to find. Furthermore, it can be tricky at the best of times to fit a regular routine of sport into your weekly schedule. By taking part in office related sports, you will not only discover something new but also manage to tick off your list that bit of daily exercise!

So there you go! These are just 3 of the reasons why we think that doing some after work sport can make your day the best day possible!

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