We’re one month into 2019 already, can you believe it?!

We doubt the year will slow down any time soon but now that we’ve had a little taste of what 2019 has got in store, this week we’re letting you all know what we think will be the hottest fitness trends of 2019 and what you should be getting involved in!

Bodyweight Workouts

Our first pick of 2019 is something that boomed in popularity last year: Bodyweight workouts. Hardly any equipment, suitable for anyone of any level and less daunting than the big machines at the gym, we’re glad to see this trend here to stay! One of the most attractive things about this way of working out is that most bodyweight workouts can be focused on certain parts of the body or to fit a certain time frame, there’s no other way of working out which requires so little time and equipment. Bodyweight workouts combine both cardio and strength exercises to train your body in a sustainable way and if you’re consistently committing yourself you’ll most likely soon see results! Other advantages that come with doing bodyweight workouts are developing skills you might not expect such as flexibility and balance. You’ll never be bored by integrating bodyweight workouts into your training routine and you’ll always be able to mix it up and push yourselves.

Outdoor training

We’re all crying out for spring to return and when it does we’re sure that every park will become bursting with activities and exercise! Not only does outdoor training mean spontaneous runs and yoga sessions are available but it also means fresh air, taking some time out from the busy world and enjoying what’s around you. What’s not to love!? Being outdoors induces endorphins in the body and so does exercise, the combination of doing both of these together is a powerful mix in staying motivated and staying active. Contrary to what you might think, winter is the perfect time to start getting outdoors and going for a jog, we all tend to stay cooped up and warm indoors during this time of year but actually doing some activity outside, even if only for a short while, will undoubtedly give you the productivity and energy boost you need!

Groups, Groups, Groups

Training alone is so 2016! Make sure you’re getting the motivation and fun you need into your workout by going to group classes or keeping your friends accountable by working out together. There are a number of ways to do this and it doesn’t have to be expensive, for example, here at SPRT we offer 2 free group workouts per week. Download the app and get these two events in your diary and supplement them with any of the other great events you can find on the app, or if you’d rather people come and join you for your thing make your own event! If you’re new to certain types of exercise such as yoga then joining a group can be a great way to not only inform yourselves about that particular sport but also to make sure you’re practising it properly and not at risk of injuring yourself. Group training provides structure and variety like nothing else and is bound to put a spring in your step.

Goals not numbers

Forget your time per km or rep count, this year a huge change in the psyche of fitness is becoming commonplace. Now more than ever people are binning the scales and instead, writing down their goals. This will definitely be a really positive change in the mentality behind sports and fitness and could result in the way in which exercise is associated with self-care changing profoundly. Tailoring your exercise to make your fitness work for you is going to be a huge theme this year so make sure you’ve got something concrete to work towards and keep going!

Weird, wacky and wonderful

Move over the treadmill, more exciting things are coming! 2019 will no doubt be the year of workout concepts, ideas, and spins that you’d never thought of before! You thought ‘hot yoga’ was unusual? That’s just the start! This year we will be seeing the rise of classes a little more out of the ordinary! We’re talking Hot Hoola, Piloxing (more on these soon!) and even more workouts at the office with companies recognising the necessity to integrate sports into their wider ethos. This is the year for trying something completely different, letting go and laughing whilst working out!

However you’ve decided to start 2019, download the SPRT App to make the most of the city you’re in and access the best free sports events around you!

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