This week we caught up with Bea! You know her from our Motivator Mondays, John Reed events and our Hangar events too! She gave us her interview from sunny Barcelona to talk all things being a Motivator, balance and goals…

Let’s get straight into it! How long have you been a SPRT Motivator?

‘I’ve been a Motivator for almost 3 years I guess!? Vince brought me into the Motivator team at the beginning when SPRT had just begun with the Motivator Monday events!’

And what’s your favourite event you’ve done with SPRT so far?

‘Of course, the first SPRT meets John Reed Event we did in Kreuzberg, where Moody and I made 80 people sweat! The energy was just crazy, everyone had fun and the people at John Reed couldn’t believe what was happening: very funny! I loved it!’

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You’re one of our most passionate Motivators on the team, what characteristics would you say are important for being a Motivator?

‘Just being authentic, every Motivator loves what he or she does and the community can feel this. I love fitness and making people sweat – and I guess people sense that!’

Have you seen SPRT grow or change since becoming a Motivator, if so how?

‘Oh yes! I remember the first Motivator Mondays, when only a few people came and now we are always at about over 40 participants, sometimes even 80. Also seeing the actual product has been a huge journey, seeing the SPRT App evolve, seeing more events on the live map and the whole design develop, I love it.’

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So, just rewinding a little, how did you become a yoga instructor and personal trainer?

‘I studied fitness economics and alongside studying for my degree I completed a lot of licenses in areas like yoga and pilates. I have always been sporty since I was about 3 or 4 years old, I just need movement in my life! So, for me, the only thought on how to make a living was by becoming a trainer and I love it!’

In terms of a healthy lifestyle and balance- how important is this for you to promote as a personal trainer?

‘I am sitting right now in Barcelona at the beach and answering these questions from here because balance is super important for me! I just needed a break from Berlin and all the work, even though I enjoy it. But I just know when my soul needs a break. Healthy for me doesn’t just mean to eat healthily and workout – it’s more! I also tell my clients to look out for their soul, their stress levels, their sleep and the importance of “me time” – because that is part of being healthy too.

I think a healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone because we all have different things that fulfil us. A healthy lifestyle for me is a life with movement, good food, a job I love, people around me that have a good vibe and having a dog haha! (One day I will get a dog!) Joke aside, in general in my opinion, it’s important to drink a lot of water, to move every day and to do things that fulfil you, that’s healthy.’

What techniques do you use to make sure you’re balanced and not burning yourself out on a daily basis?

‘In my daily life movement is really important to help me balance everything – sometimes I feel like yoga, sometimes I need to do some cardio. Often I don’t even feel like going to the gym, but I just know it will make me feel better and so I force myself to do it!’

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Do you think people can be their own worst enemies in terms of pressure and stress? Do you have any personal experiences of this?’

‘Yes. What we think, what we tell ourselves over and over again, is what we start to believe. I had depression and anorexia when I was a teenager. I know how it feels to be in this loop. We just need to start to reflect on ourselves, our thoughts and daily lives. I sat down one day (actually I still do this these days) and asked myself: “Am I happy? Is that the life I want? What life do I want? How do I want to feel every day when I wake up? And what do I need to do, so that I feel fulfilled and proud of myself when I go to bed.” And then just do it! Start to decide in your head what you want, get out of the loop, and into the life you want.’

Speaking of online balance, do you also feel it’s important to balance your time online?

‘Recently I focused on my screen time habits a lot… I have a rule that I only post things online that add value to others. If I don’t know what to post, well I don’t post… I spend way too much time on my phone (I tracked this with an app. Crazy! 5-6 hours a day!) So I decided to reduce this a lot! I also try to plan my week the way that I have at least one day per week off (it doesn’t work always, but I’m trying). I use this day for my family, my boyfriend or just to lay in my bed and do nothing. That’s balance for me.’

You’re an inspiration to many people around you, what would you say to someone who thinks that their goals are too unachievable?

‘Everything is possible! Maybe just set baby goals in between to reach this big goal! Learn more about it, just do it or get some help. Of course, you need to work for it, it’s not fun all the time, but if you want it bad enough and you do it with all your heart, you will get there.

People, including me, want things too fast! And when it doesn’t happen quickly, they give up – but we need to be consistent for months and even years! And one day we will say, well the last 10 years weren’t easy but I did it!’

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How has your own journey of overcoming difficult times impacted on your outlook on balance, fitness and day-to-day life?

‘Life gave me a life-threatening challenge when I was a teenager, the anorexia made me learn a lot. Also having many different jobs in a short time and living a year in San Fransisco – made me grow, and there were a lot of struggles along the way.

All in all its always comes back to the question: How do I feel? Is this the daily life I want? What can I do to get closer to a life I enjoy, that is good for my soul? And then focusing on doing it. And balance will automatically come into your life. Ups and downs are normal, we just need to be careful that we notice when the downs get bigger: then its time to change something. Travel, leave, learn new things, workout, speak up, get professional help or do whatever it is that your gut instinct is telling you. I think in the future peace of mind will be more important than ever.’

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