We’re nearly through with our TEAMTALKS blogs where we’ve been letting our community get to know the team, but before then we’ve got 2 more to go! This week for our penultimate post we caught up with Florian, SPRT’s Chief Operating Officer. So sit down, get comfy and have a read of Flo’s story and how he came to be part of SPRT!

Let’s start off at the very beginning before you were a part of the team, how did you come to the point of getting involved? Did you always see yourself doing something like you are now?

‘My plan was originally to make a career in the automotive industry. However, after some time, I found that I lacked the grit and determination to really see a career in this industry though haha. No, but I soon realised I had really imagined something else. At some point, Jakob came up to me and I was immediately drawn to joining him at SPRT.’

‘I met Jakob in 2012 during our semester abroad in China. In addition to university and various parties, we already had the problem that we struggled finding other athletes or footballers. So it was not a big consideration for me to help build SPRT.’

That’s really interesting and shows how life can take you in a completely different direction to how you planned, I think that’s something we can all relate to. So can you tell us a little bit about what makes you, you for people who don’t see you behind the scenes?

‘I think I’m a pretty laid back and easy-going guy. This is unless I’m doing a competition or something similar! Then I’m extremely ambitious and don’t want to lose at all! Apart from this I also love dry humour.’

How’s 2019 treating you then, is it possible to say being just one week in!?

‘Well the year is only a few days old but I’m positive there will be some exciting moments in the coming weeks and months for sure!’

I’m sure 2019 will be a great year too, so let’s get back to sport! Do you have a sporting inspiration?

‘Our own Krzysztof, who was a former basketball and boxing profi!’

And what sports team do you support?

‘I live in Berlin, therefore, it has to be Hertha BSC!’ ☺

So, would you consider yourself sporty? What part does sport play in your life?

‘I have been active in sports since I was around 5 or 6. I have always played football and was in a club for several years. But I think the club landscape has to change or will soon face a change. Football clubs will sooner or later start becoming less popular in my opinion. People now want to do other sports in a different way, that’s where it will change and that’s why I believe in SPRT.’

That’s so interesting, and I think you’re right about people now looking for alternatives to traditional sports. What’s one goal you have for 2019?

‘SPRT goals are also my goals! That’s why they’re so important to me.’

Focused and concise: Nice! So just to rewind a little, why and when did you move to Berlin?

‘In 2010 I started my studies at the TH Wildau, so, with some breaks, about 8 years.’

I see, practically a local then compared to a lot of us here! Seeing as you’ve been here a while what’s your favourite kind of food in Berlin?

‘I am completely with Kheli on this one and am also a fan of the various Döner. My absolute favourite Döner in Berlin is Rüyam Gemuse in Schöneberg.’

Another recommendation to try out! Ok noted! So besides the sport and food can you give us one more reason why you love Berlin?

‘You can do and be what you want.’

Wow yes, I think we’d all agree with that for sure!…And anything about Berlin that gets on your nerves?

‘The summer is so chilled driving around on my scooter but I hate the traffic in Berlin if you’re travelling by car!’

Haha, that’s definitely a fair point! Ok so let’s turn our heads to the future, what’s one place you’d love to visit but never have?

[Without hesitation] ‘Vegas!’

Haha seems like that was a no-brainer! OK, so where’s the best or most interesting place you’ve ever been?

‘It has to be Palawan in the Philippines.’

And finally to sum it all up, if you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 things with you, what would they be?

‘Hmmm….Sliders, Wilson and a knife!’

Haha well, you’d have a friend for life that’s for sure! Thanks for chatting with us today, and for giving everyone a little insight into the guy behind the numbers at SPRT!

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