Up, work, study, home, eat, workout, sleep.

We get it! Life can be pretty busy. It can seem impossible to fit in leading a healthy lifestyle and preparing good food to fuel your body in the best way. Well, this week we spoke with nutrition blogger and one of our wonderful Motivators Undine, to chat about all things foodie! Grab yourselves a snack and have a read what she had to say…!

Thanks so much for coming along! Well, let’s start right at the beginning…How did you become so interested in nutrition and sport? How did you get to where you are now?

‘I’ve always been interested in doing sports and eating healthy. When I was younger I tried different kind of sports like ballet, karate, swimming and athletics but I never really stuck with one particular thing. When I turned 16 I signed up for a gym and from there on fitness became my real passion. Maybe that’s why I love creating recipes so much. For me, cooking means to enjoy quiet and relaxation. Nutrition and sport is not only a hobby anymore. It’s my lifestyle now and something I live every day without even noticing.’

Nice, so considering you’re so into nutrition and sport, what would you say to someone who isn’t passionate about food and health?

‘For me, it’s okay if people are not really into fancy food and cooking! But I do recommend that everyone tries to develop a feeling for nutrition and the different kind of food they consume. How we eat is how we fuel our body every day. It has a huge influence on our health. So people should be aware of what they eat.’

Yes, that makes a lot of sense! Okay, so what’s your fave meal of the day and what’s your 1 go-to quick and tasty dish for that meal?

‘My favourite meal is breakfast! It always has been because I have a really sweet tooth. My 1 go-to quick and tasty meal is Protein Porridge. It’s basically just oats, water or milk, whey protein and frozen berries. Mix everything up and heat in a microwave for about 5 Minutes. And that’s it! Yummy!’

Well, I guess that’s my breakfast sorted for tomorrow! On the other side of things, what’s the biggest food-myth you’ve heard that you want to bust?

‘Well, that’s kinda hard because there are so many. I can’t understand why people think carbs are bad? The truth is: We all love carbs but all try so hard to resist them! It isn’t carbs that make us fat or ill. It’s actually the amount and quality of food we eat. If you want to lose weight, eat less than you burn a day. It’s that simple.’

Preach! Tell us, what’s the best thing about being a nutrition blogger?

‘Definitely the creative part. You get to try so many new food trends, spices and recipes. Also as a food blogger, you’re normally quite good at cooking and my friends and family love that! Maybe it’s because they get so much good food but I’m always a welcomed guest too.’

Well, you’re more than welcome to practise your newest recipes at my house any day! You post such varied recipes, do you think there is such a thing as only 1 type of healthy diet?

‘Many different diet variations shows that people are interested in their health and are willing to change something in the way they eat for the better, this can only be a good thing. However, people are constantly searching for the best diet, instead of listening to their own bodies and finding the lifestyle that works best for them personally. They prefer to follow so-called „diet trends“. So, if someone says Paleo is the best diet to follow, most people will rush to follow it. Next week it’s vegan and the week after low carb. I mean, it’s great that people are willing to alter their diet for the better, but from my point of view there isn’t such a thing as a 1 type of healthy diet and that’s why everyone should decide for themselves what kind of healthy lifestyle they want to lead.’

Sounds good to us! Following on from that, what advice would you give anyone wanting to make healthy changes in their lifestyle?

The most important thing is to inform yourself about nutrition. Don’t be lazy and follow a random, popular diet which you’ll break away from after a few weeks. Find out what kind of person you are and you’ll find your individual healthy lifestyle. Do you work a lot? Then learn how to improve your cooking skills or meal prep. Do you like to go to restaurants? Then inform yourself what the healthier options are in a bar. Don’t find excuses, find solutions! Invest time in yourself.’

But it’s all about balance right? What’s your ultimate cosy day food!? What’s that one thing that makes you feel warm and happy!?

My ultimate cosy food is a hot chocolate. I prefer the low sugar version and love to add some cinnamon. There is nothing better than a nice cup of hot chocolate after a long day at work or a heavy workout.’

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That sounds perfect now it’s December! Finally what role do you think leading a healthier lifestyle has on body image?

‘For me a healthy lifestyle means finding balance between your nutrition, your physical health and your individual needs. Health comes in different sizes and shapes but it always means to love yourself and to treat yourself as a loved person. Everyday.’

That is perfect! Thank you so much Undine for talking to me today, it’s been wonderful to have you and I’ve definitely learnt a lot when it comes to nutrition and I can’t wait to start adding cinnamon to my hot chocolates!

‘Because stepping out of your comfort zone really is a short cut to achieving your dreams! I am so sure that everybody has an individual purpose and once you find it and can be 100% authentic I believe you’ll be unstoppable.’

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