We thought you’d be sick of seeing us by now, but at our last Feedback and Pizza event, you let us know that you want to know more!

This being said, this week decided to you let you in on how multiculturalism works for us in the office on a daily basis. Team SPRT is a team of 9, we come from all over the world and speak over 7 languages between us. Here is why and how multiculturalism is our biggest tool and just how we use it every day.


Berlin is one of the most multicultural cities in Europe, after all 13% of Berlin’s population is made up from people with a non-German background. Being located in this ‘Multikulti’ city, it has always been important to us that we celebrate diversity and keep it core as one of our central values.

We know and believe that sport is for everyone, regardless of ability, gender, background, culture or age and so we champion this first in our team. Berlin is the perfect background to our team and for what we are trying to achieve due to it’s welcoming, open and diverse nature all going hand in hand with SPRT’s vision. Berlin is our backdrop and our inspiration. This city is our home and our playground and we use it to our advantage every day!


The SPRT app is about connecting people through sport and so, it makes sense that our whole vision and team is also about connecting people and striving to make communities stronger. Through our own personal friendships and work-relationships with each other, we are connecting people from all over the world. Our vision continues throughout everything we do because we, as a team, embody it.

We are thoroughly passionate about bringing people together, and especially people that normally would not have otherwise met. SPRT is for everyone, not just the pros who cycle 150km in one day or run 20+km on a Sunday: our app is also for you to find the last member of your team to have a kickabout with or go on a chilled 5km jog. We want to make our platform as open and accessible as possible to everyone who wants to use it.


The daily advantage of diversity.

Not only are all of us from different places and speak different languages but we all have different life experiences. We believe that this makes us stronger as a team and more receptive to our wider community and users. Within one meeting we are able to gain insight into many different cultures and opinions. This helps us to make informed decisions which, we believe, helps guide our product and platform in the right way.

We want to try and represent as many people as possible and therefore as a team we have a responsibility to be empathetic and understanding of others. We fully believe that our team’s background has directly impacted on our success so far and why we work best together.

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