Can’t we just hit snooze one more time!?

Unfortunately for most of us, the 6.30am alarm is a harsh reality. Getting up for the daily grind can be tough, and we get it! Unless you relish the 7am workout and pristine morning routine (but seriously, tell us how?!) then you probably have the same struggles as the rest of us!

So this week we’ve put together our top tips on how to feel tip-top even during the mid-week slump! Here we go…

Put the phone away!

Getting the best start to your morning begins in the evening believe it or not! We bet you’ve heard this so many times but we’re here to remind you. Taking some time out from looking at a screen is so important for getting a good night’s sleep. How are you supposed to be chilled out when your brain is constantly being fed new information and your eyes have been focused on the brightly lit screen?!

Getting up

Don’t press snooze! Studies have shown that actually snoozing or giving yourself that extra 15 minutes can do more harm than good. Getting up should be like ripping off a plaster, probably a bit painful and uncomfortable but quickly over and then moved on from. So turn the other 17 alarms off! Just leave one on for the correct time you need to get up, change the tone of the alarm to something different to what you’ve been used to and sit up. That’s the first step to getting up after all, right?


Getting yourself moving in a morning is sure to stop you yawning! The most important thing is that you keep moving no matter what time of the day you prefer to work out but everyone knows that doing your work out first sets you up in the best way possible. Especially for a busy day where you need to be on your top form! Plus then it’s done…Working out in the morning can be a huge tick in a box and that’s surely enough for anyone to feel good about!


Whether you’re a morning or night shower kind of person, especially if you don’t do your workouts in a morning, showering can be the perfect wake-me-up answer. On that sluggish Wednesday morning if getting out of bed is still tricky, jumping under the shower could give you the extra burst of energy you need to really get going!


Widely known as the most important meal of the day, it’s an easy step to skip for most of us when rushing around trying to get into the office but it really is worth waking up 5 minutes earlier to fuel your body for the day in the best way possible. What we all need to remember though is that it is as important to drink something as well as eat something. Hydrating your body and brain is vital and by drinking water, your chance of getting a headache later in the day will decrease and you’ll be able to function at your most effective for longer.

Listen to something new

On your daily commute to work or whilst getting ready it can be really helpful to start getting your brain warmed up and ready for whatever the day is going to throw at you. Listening to a podcast or audiobook can not only be really interesting but will also make you more awake and ready to go when you arrive in the office.

So there you have it! We’ve tried our best to bring you our best tips and tricks for making those tricky mornings at least a little less painful. Have we missed anything? Let us know what works best for you!

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