Why bother running when it’s chilly and getting darker? We know it can be pretty easy to find an excuse to stay at home all cosy instead of lacing up your running shoes so we’ve got the 5 most important reasons why you should bother down below!

  1. Running in autumn is a completely different experience to other months. If you’ve run in another season and thought it wasn’t your thing then you have to give it just one more try this autumn!
  2. Autumn offers new possibilities and routes! The doors to the world of cross country running are burst open and it’s definitely the most perfect time of the year to move away from the pavement and explore the parks you haven’t visited before!
  3. The conditions are a runner’s dream! The summer heat has left and with it have the restrictions on when you can run outside! Now, you can run any time of the day and it no longer has to dictate your schedule! Crisper mornings and cooler evenings mean that whenever you normally like to train or run, you can!
  4. Autumn is filled with fewer distractions! Summer always busy, with every weekend full with visits, holidays or days out. Of course, this is great but autumn offers the perfect time to recharge. This means it’s perfect to start a new routine or hobby!
  5. Because of all of the above, it’s famously PB season! This provides runners of any level the motivation to push themselves, get outside and to hear the crunch of amber leaves beneath their feet!?


Does running in autumn sound like too much effort? Too cold? Too hard? Too boring? We understand that running, especially in the colder months might not seem as simple as just putting one foot in front of the other! So, we have the best tips for you all about how to run in autumn and how to keep going!

  1. Think minutes not miles! Take it easy to start with and build up, the last thing you want to do is to shock your body, especially if you’re starting a new routine or exercise pattern. Start each of your runs with a longer warm up than you might normally and then begin with a brisk walk. It’s not a sprint! (Unless it is…then go for it!?)
  2. Make sure you have the right kit. Running is a blessing of a sport in many ways, and one of these reasons is due to the fact that you need little to no equipment in order to take part. However, in autumn and winter more than ever you need to make sure you’re wearing the right clothing to aid your body. This may sound expensive but it really doesn’t have to be. Make sure you’re warm, visible- especially if running at night, and still drinking enough water!
  3. Commit to a schedule and stick to it…easier said than done we know, but getting into a regular routine really will pay off!
  4. Listen to your body! Regular exercise can be a great way of warding off those winter blues and keeping that cold away, however… don’t push yourself too hard. As you increase in fitness and stamina, bring your workouts up to a harder level but you must find a balance between pushing yourself but also being sensible. Don’t risk injury, or of burning yourself out by training too hard. Be kind to your body!
  5. Find a buddy! Everyone knows that training together is better! Having a set date and time will make it harder for you to squirm out of the workout! And even better, running with others makes you perform better as well as making the whole experience more enjoyable!

Our thoughts: There is no need to be so black and white about health and fitness! You are still allowed to have fun! That’s definitely what it’s all about, if you’re not having fun then it’s not going to work or the changes will not stand the test of time! Laughing whilst sweating makes the best results!

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