You’ve surely seen lots of our #MotivatorMonday content on our Facebook and Instagram profiles, but want to know a bit of the background to the series, why we started it, why we do it and why we love it? …Just keep reading!

What are the Motivator Mondays?

Each week one of our 15 Motivators puts on a special session for SPRT in an area which they are completely trained and passionate about. We regularly mix our events primarily between yoga, running and fitness but regularly add in different events too!

What have we done so far?

This Monday will be our 10th MotivatorMonday event and so it seems apt to have a quick look back at everything we’ve achieved so far! Our first event was Yoga at Victoriapark and since then we’ve been scouting the best Motivators and locations to keep make each event better and better! Another 2 other events which really stand out to us are the Outdoor Workout with Coach Jhaki and our SPRT x Freeletics event with Chris. Each time we do an event we’re so excited about the community we’re growing and how our vision is being shared with others! We are really proud of how far we’ve come and another highlight has to be when we secured 2 amazing partners to help us make the events as amazing as possible and keep them free! Vitamin Well and Eat Performance, provide us with some great and healthy snacks and drinks each week and we’re really thankful to have them on board.

Now, with the colder months approaching us faster than ever, we’ve also partnered up with Sweat and Shape, a studio for our indoor events so there really are no excuses to get involved!? …I think it’s fair to say we’ve been busy!

Why do we do the MotivatorMonday events?

This series is part of SPRT’s effort to grow our vision and give back to the community. For those that come, they are able to be taught a whole session FOR FREE by a trained professional, able to try out a sport they might not have done before, meet new people and enjoy the wonderful drinks and snacks provided by our partners. This is what makes our events so unique. No other platform offers you more variety, more opportunities and more fun through sport than SPRT.

What do we want to achieve with them in the future?

We’re not stopping any time soon! We are constantly thinking of new and exciting ideas to make our events better than ever and we love your feedback! If you have any ideas please let us know. We hope to see you all on a Monday soon!

Running Community Berlin

Are you brave enough!?

Thinking of giving winter swimming a go!? Or maybe something you’ve often thought would be exciting to do but never had the confidence to carry it out? We hope you do, and if you do just that, make sure to upload an event on the SPRT App and invite others in your area to come along. Whatever the sport, whatever the level, the SPRT App has something for everyone and we’re excited to see our community taking up the challenge to try the next best thing!

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