It’s July, and for some of us it’s starting to feel as if Summer has been and gone. The cooler temperatures in Berlin were really welcome a couple of weeks ago, and well, now…we want to put our shorts back on!

The weather has a huge impact on our mood, how much we exercise, our productivity and what we eat: We all seem to be a little more positive when the sun’s shining! But what do we do when it’s not? During the Christmas countdown we don’t mind the weather so much as we can indulge in all sorts of festive treats and activities, but when you’re expecting to be sitting by Wannsee in the sun and instead you’re being rained on on your city cycling commute home it can be easy to feel a little down. That’s why today we’re going to chat about sport, motivation and keeping your energy levels high…despite the weather!

This time last year I was doing evening yoga in parks when the sunset was glistening and the heat was perfect, now we’re all sat in the office with a jumper on! What’s going on!? Well, climate change and a temperamental summer I guess!? Still, that’s no excuse to throw in the towel and sulk around for the next week or two. The weather will get better, we’re hopeful and in the meantime, we’ve got to make sure that we’re resilient and motivated enough to not let it get us down!

Good morning!

The most important part of maintaining a good attitude and perspective is a solid routine. You don’t have to plan your day minute by minute but having a few healthy routines to start your day in the most positive way are worth gold! I can easily categorise these for us all into a few simple boxes and these are as follows; food, movement, thinking and doing. Everything you do for the first hour in a morning should fit into one of these boxes. Get up, have breakfast (it’s as important as everyone says it is), move your body in whatever way feels most comfortable to you and mentally -or physically- plan your day and to do’s.

The best box of all!

Movement is probably my most important of all of these boxes if I have a yoga or fitness class booked for the morning that’s what gets me out of bed most effectively. It’s also what makes me eat best, I’m always more organised the mornings that I do sport as I usually take breakfast with me for after the session and make sure I’ve got some healthy snacks in the house for beforehand. After sport, I usually feel so much more awake than I would otherwise, I’m able to prioritise, motivate myself and make more informed decisions throughout the rest of the day. Movement, however you choose to do it, should definitely be incorporated into your daily routine and we’re sure the benefits will far outweigh having to get up a few minutes earlier!

But how realistic is it to do sport in the mornings?

I get it, I really do! About twice a week I have to get up at 04.45 for work and so, on those mornings especially, I don’t usually jump out of bed so easily! However, I still try and tick that movement box we mentioned earlier, even if that’s literally just 5 minutes spent stretching. On the days of my really early mornings, I still make sure to do some sport but usually later in the day to wind down, I especially love the free yoga classes with Mirea on the SPRT App on those days. It’s the perfect thing to wind down after a long day and to reflect on everything I’ve achieved, as well as to be at peace with the things that are still on my to-do list. Even on the busiest of schedules, fitting in a little movement is possible and as soon as it’s part of your routine you’ll feel like it was always there.

Perspective through sport

Everyone knows that sport and fitness are fantastic ways to train our minds and to challenge ourselves to develop new skills. Through the release of endorphins post-exercise we can work at our best, but most importantly our attitudes and perspectives are influenced and changed. Good mental performance and mood are imperative to having a good day, feeling on top of your to-do list and to achieving everything you set out to. Doing any kind of sport, especially in a group setting is the best way to start your day with a bang, or to destress after a busy one, so whichever way round you do it…just make sure you do it!

So, whilst the weather might be getting us down, it’s important to remember that we can combat that with a little sport and a good serving of community. Whatever’s going on outside, we’ve got the perfect answer to staying on your top game and feeling better than ever.

Need to find a class that will make you jump out of bed in a morning? Or a community sports event after work to help you meet like-minded people? Make sure you have a look on the SPRT App today to find exactly what you need and let us know what kind of events you like the best!

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