The SPRT App was launched around November 2018 and since then the App, our team and our community have all come a long way!

…But, still as a young platform, we continually recognise the necessity to improve and develop our product for the community who use it. This week we wanted to share the most recent developments of the SPRT App and our hopes for the next few months with our users and readers.

We pride ourselves on listening to those for whom the App is a gateway to a world of sport at a time and place that suits them. Regularly we invite feedback and opinions on areas for improvement to challenge our mindsets, ideas and to shape our next steps going forward.


Within the team, we are always thinking about what else we can bring to the SPRT App, how to further improve user experience and how we can achieve a more fluid platform in the future. So without hesitation, here’s an insight into what’s changed and developed recently!

SPRT App update!

As our users will have already seen the app design and features have changed drastically since the first version of the Beta App. Here’s a few of the most important changes and adaptations we’ve made so far:


We have developed the designs of some of the in-App screens to create a more appealing, and better user experience. One of the biggest differences in the App now to a few months ago is it’s aesthetic. We have tried to modernise and improve the user interface of the App for a variety of reasons; including to fit our ever-evolving community and to aid the promotion of an easier and more natural user experience.

Event Details Screen

The event details screen was redesigned in order to make the visualisation of the listed events more interactive and structured. This was done by changing the font and adding additional symbols for further functionalities, such as the ‘star’ function in the top left corner of every event to enable more events like this one being shown on your feed. Our aim with this change was attention to detail, we hope that these small changes will give our users the sense that the application is continually developing to accommodate their needs with every update.

Invite Friends

The ‘invite friends’ screen is a key component of SPRT as it helps users share the application with friends. This has been on our radar as a key component of the App enabling people to connect with each other for a long time! By redesigning and customising the ‘invite’ option with improved design solutions, the user is now able to share their events or invite friends to the platform who do not already have an account.

Event previews

It’s all about events! Ultimately, giving our users an easy way to view and scroll through events is one of our biggest priorities. In order to improve the visualisation of events feed, we decided to redesign the event previews as well. Now, it is even easier to join and share events created by others or to create your own. By adding a ‘join’ and ‘share’ button to the preview screen, the user is directly given both options without searching to find them. The process of even creation, joining and sharing is now quick, easy, simple and effective. To help our users see which events are free and which are not at a glance has also recently been made possible: Just look out for the little icon on the event and you’ll know instantly!


As well as key design changes aimed at user performance and development of the App in general, several important performance issues have been solved. The App is no quicker and more efficient than ever before and our development team work hard to solve bugs and any technical issues.


Well…you’re here so you might have already noticed but we have had a huge redesign of our website. Now, it is easier than ever to navigate, more responsive to users and we have optimised our blog page to give our readers the best possible experience in this area too. So, whilst you’re here make sure you have a little look around. We hope you are as excited by it as we are!

We’ll never stop developing…

…As a community, as a team and as an App! Therefore we need you! We’re always grateful to know what our users think of SPRT and how we can improve, so if you have any thoughts we’d love to hear them. Simply message us on one of our channels and we’ll get right back to you as soon as possible.

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