This week on the SPRT blog we wanted to bring our community a collection of our favourite boulder halls in Berlin. All great for different reasons, they share a love of all things bouldering and doing sports together so we met up with the people behind the scenes to hear why they think their hall has what it takes to be the Summer spot of 2019.


First up is BoulderGarten, located in the heart of Neukölln this place is not one to be missed this Summer. With a friendly atmosphere, the founders of Boulder Garden want to ‘create cosy and relaxing place in the middle of Berlin where everyone feels welcome.’

1. When and how was BoulderGarten founded?

Leo: ‘We (Norbert and I) founded BoulderGarten with the financial help of 8 other friends and a lot of manual help from many other friends in 2016. We opened our baby on the 21st of January 2017!’

2. How has the hall grown since it was opened?

Leo: ‘We opened the sauna and built up a Yoga area, hopefully, this summer we will have a little outdoor area too!’ ?

3. What is unique about the hall or the community that visit it?

Leo: ‘It has to be our love for details and a super friendly atmosphere!’

4. What other exciting things are coming up in the future for BoulderGarten?

Leo: ‘We are planning on having a big party in the Summer and our outdoor area will open!’

The Cliffhanger

Second on our list of places you can’t miss is the Cliffhanger boulder hall. Having opened in 2016 and home to its very own beach, chill out area and pizza bistro the Cliffhanger offers an escape from the city without being too far away.

1. How has the hall grown since it was opened?

Alex: ‘Today we’re more than a hall: we also have a training area and a beach with slack-lines right outside our door!’

2. What is unique about the hall or the community that visit it?

Alex: ‘Bouldering makes you happy! And with us, you get everything the athlete’s heart desires. Above all, many successes in solving creative movement puzzles in all levels of difficulty from very easy to super hard. Courage, strength, endurance, coordination and agility are inquired. Everyone, as they like it. The climbing routes always give you immediate feedback. When climbing, emotions awaken. Whether it is joy, anger, frustration, pride or fear. It’s always good to feel yourself. Especially in a group, it is fun to work together on problems. Bouldering adds social value and puts you in touch with great people and maybe beautiful places outside the hall.’

Bright Site

Last but definitely not least we’ve got Bright Site, the perfect place to meet up with friends and with opportunities to boulder both indoor and outdoor Bright Side had to be on our list! Here’s what the team had to say:

1. When and how was Bright Site founded?

Leonie: ‘The Bright Site bouldering gym was founded in September 2014!’

2. How has the hall grown since it was opened?

Leonie: ‘Since it has opened, it has grown in different aspects. More bouldering walls have been added, the children’s area has been set up, and most of all: the ‘center-piece’ outdoor area has been built. In general: It is a constant process, trying to improve and include all the needs and wishes of our customers. The bouldering community, of course, has grown and become ever more deep-rooted, especially during the summertime when the outdoor area invites to chill and boulder in the garden.’

3. What is unique about the hall or the community that visit it?

Leonie: ‘Unique to the Bright Site is the outdoor area. A big garden with bouldering walls, a slackline and many areas to relax. The building itself is nice due to the big, vast windows, which also gives the name to the bouldering gym: Bright Site. The Bright Site also is popular for constantly setting new boulders, 3 times a week new bouldering challenges are set!’

4. What events, plans other exciting things are coming up in the future for Bright Side?

Leonie: ‘The most popular event is the yearly bouldering competition. As every year the ‘Get High’ bouldering competition is scheduled for August and September. It consists of a four week qualification period in August, culminating in the finals which take place on Saturday, 7th of September. Which also is the birthdate of the bouldering gym and ends in a party.’

Those are our favourite boulder halls in Berlin!

Have we missed one? Tag us at your favourite boulder hall and make sure you’re using the SPRT App now to find the best bouldering events happening near you and to discover like-minded people.

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