On the SPRT App you can host or attend an event in over 27 different sports categories, today we’re going to talk about just one of them…Tennis!

We’re always trying to find the newest and latest sport trends to bring to our community, but sometimes it’s also good to remember that on the SPRT App events for all sorts of more traditional sports are hosted too. Sometimes, these get overlooked by the dominant running and yoga scenes but they should definitely not be discounted.

Anytime, anywhere!

Tennis, in many ways, is the perfect sport for summer and the hot weather. As a great way to spend a warm summer’s evening tennis is a sociable and entertaining game for all. At this time of year when the weather is reaching record temperatures, it’s imperative to choose wisely when it comes to keeping your body moving and that means being flexible with training and taking time out in the shade when necessary. That’s why we think at the moment tennis is the perfect sport to get involved in. When the weather gets too hot, tennis can simply be played indoors. Now more than ever, tennis is growing into an ever more inclusive sport and indoor halls can be found all over Berlin. All year round there are no limits to playing tennis and this means it’s a great sport to take up if you’re interested in gaining some real skill and challenging yourself long term.


Unlike many sports, tennis is a relatively cheap sport to take up. All that’s needed for you to purchase are; a racket and a few balls. Once you’ve got these, and some comfortable sports shoes you’re ready to go! Even renting a court indoors can be reasonable, especially when sharing it with friends. In most cases, rackets and balls can even be rented by many courts, giving you the perfect opportunity to try out a new sport without having to commit by spending a lot of money.

Good for the mind and body

Furthermore, tennis is a great game not only physically but mentally too. Challenge yourself to think strategically, tennis is a great game to get your blood pumping but also to train and exercise your mind like other sports do not. Strategy, patience, stamina, problem-solving and quick decision making are all key components of a sport like tennis, testing you in many different aspects whilst you play. This combination of required skills makes the game unlike any other and even more, fun to take part in.

It’s Social!

And we’re all about doing sports together. Whatever level you want to play at there’s nothing better than swapping out practising alone to meeting new people or catching up with friends on the court. Don’t know anyone who’s as into tennis as you? No problem, that’s where we come in! By uploading your tennis practise or event onto the SPRT App you’re bound to find people exactly like you who are looking for the exact same thing. Whether it’s just a short after work wind-down session with friends or a high-stakes competitive match you’re wanting, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect event on the SPRT App.

When was the last time you gave tennis a go?

Whether it was yesterday or back whilst you were in school we hope you’ll consider it now the next time you’re looking for a fun way to socialise and be active this summer. Make sure to check the SPRT App for all the newest and best events going on in your area and let us know which sport you would like us to add to the SPRT App next!

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