Summer is here and the heat is set to keep soaring over the next few weeks. So this week we’re taking a break and mixing up our workout routine with some time out and fresh air. That can only mean one thing, finding the best chill out spots in Berlin. Here are our quick-fire best lakes and outdoor pools in Berlin to escape the city heat.


Just over 30 minutes from Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Schlachtensee is first on our list for a reason! It’s the perfect escape from the city, with fewer crowds than many others and is the perfect setting for a great day out. In the heart of the Grunewald forest, this lake has much more to offer than just swimming. Make sure you visit and take in the beautiful scenery around for the best summer day trip.


The largest of all the Berliner lakes and equipt for any water-sport you desire. This is one of our must-do’s for summer and it should be on your list too. This action-packed location will please everyone because of all the activities it has to offer. From canoeing, kayaking, sailing, paddleboarding, sunbathing, relaxing or more, whatever you want from a day at the lake: you’ll surely find it here. We advise you to go to this spot later in the day to avoid the crowds and to experience the beautiful sunset.

Weißer See

Probably one of the easiest lakes in Berlin to get to and the perfect after work meeting point with friends and cool off. Weißer See is a great location for anyone located near Prenzlauer Berg and always full of life at the weekends. Easily reached via tram, Weißer See is a fantastic place to sit by the many cafes on the lake or jump in and cool off.

Sommerbad Neukölln

If a more traditional outdoor pool set-up is more your thing then we recommend that you check this place out! Perfect for anyone of any age this pool also boasts springboards and water slides. Open every day from 8 am to 8 pm this is the best place to pop to after work or within a busy day. Great for all ages this pool offers all the amenities you could need and perfect for those spontaneous summer evening swims.

Tegeler See

Complete with 9 islands within the lake, this is the best spot to visit somewhere new, spend the day, take a picnic and enjoy a calmer day with usually fewer visitors than other lakes. Popular with runners in cooler temperatures this picturesque spot is great for activities all year round. If you’re wanting to rent a boat, go cycling or even have a ride on a ferry this is the place for you. There’s a lot to explore here so don’t count it off your list just because it’s not usually as busy: we think that’s its charm!


No time to head out to a lake outside of the city? No worries, the Badeschiff located near the Arena Berlin is the perfect option. On the bank of the river Spree, this outdoor pool is the perfect hang out spot. Hammocks, room to play volleyball and sunshine…what more could you ask for? Make sure to head to this spot early on a sunny day as it’s sure to fill up, and if you’re a student definitely ask for a concessions ticket for just €3!

So there you go, there’s no excuse to stay indoors in this weather now that we’ve let you know about all our favourite swimming spots! Make sure you let us know if you visit any of our recommendations by tagging us @sprt_app and create your own swimming events on the SPRT App to let those around you join in and share the weather together.

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