Ahead of SPRT’s HIIT Kickboxing event with Urbn Tiger on Saturday, we thought that this week we’d look at just what HIIT Kickboxing is and why you need to come and take part!

So what is HIIT Kickboxing?

Kickboxing began as a Japanese martial art which developed by adapting fighting techniques from, amongst other sports, Karate and Muay Thai. From starting to gain ground in the 60s, kickboxing has come a long way since and continues to develop today.

HIIT is a favourite style of workout for many of us, so combining this with kickboxing, martial arts, and callisthenics will prove to work your body like nothing before and will make sure you’re in for an exciting and powerful workout! Like any sport nowadays there are many different variations, but this combination is sure to be perfect for anyone with any kind of sporting background who’s ready to explore something a little different!

HIIT Kickboxing Berlin

Why should you give it a go this weekend?

It’s always time to try something new!

This event will definitely be unique compared to your usual workout and will be a refreshing change up to your normal weekly sports routine. Calorie burning and endurance training are both key components within the events that Urbn Tiger, so whatever sport you normally do, this will definitely get your heart rate up! Whether this will be your first or 50th SPRT event make sure you take part in something new; there’s nothing that’s bound to put a bigger spring in your step and start your weekend with a bigger bang!

With SPRT you save!

Our event this Saturday is a great chance to try something for less. We’re offering our community the chance to take part for €10 less than normal. This takes away the excuse of putting starting something new to the bottom of the list, this is us giving you your sign to bite the bullet and do it now! We really value our community, the passion you all put into SPRT and the energy that you give all of the events we put on and so we want to give something back to you. Come along for the chance to experience an event led by Urbn Tiger for the SPRT community price!

Anyone can come along!

This is the perfect opportunity to come along as a complete beginner. At SPRT we’re all about enjoying community sports together. Giving something a go can be even more rewarding than being the best and so we really want to urge our community to come out and join us no matter their fitness level or sports background! So what are you waiting for? Come along and bring some friends too to join in the fun!

We’ve got everything you need sorted, no excuses!

Taking place in Sweat and Shape, one of our Motivator Monday locations, we’ve got showers, changing rooms, lockers and a studio ready and waiting for you so there’s no excuse! No matter the weather, or what you’re doing after we’ve got you kitted out! Not sure where the studio is? Don’t worry you can see the precise location of the event on the SPRT App, available on both IOS and Android.

So we’ll see you there!

All the information you need is on the SPRT App and make sure you click going to save €10!

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