To celebrate the launch of the SPRT App on both IOS and Android, we organised our first Art Run with the help of our Ambassador, Laurent. Here’s what we did and how we celebrated our release with what we do best…community sport!

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The event started and ended near the elephant mural made by Jadore Tong. This 24-meter mural, which reflects different cultures in a seemingly playful and carefree way, was the perfect backdrop to the event which was all about community and coming together.

The route included 12 different stops encompassing some of the biggest and most impressive murals in berlin. Approximately 45 people came along, from many different corners of Berlin, and we were especially happy to welcome so many different running communities to the event. Among others, members of Midnight Runners, Kraft Runners, Adidas Runners and Mile High came along to help celebrate the release of the SPRT App.

To complement the run, music was played along the way which meshed with the art we were looking at. For example, we spoke about how the Obey mural ‘no future’ on Bülowstraße (stop number 10 on the run) was inspired by the Sex Pistols’ song, God Save the Queen. The artist teamed together art and music and his artwork consciously takes a stance on current and public debates, encouraging observers to think about the issues. Therefore we reflected and decided to incorporate his inspiration for the piece, the Sex Pistols, by listening to the band on the way to the next stop.

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During the Art Run we also spoke about the presence of and difference between legal and non-legal art, this conversation was driven by the work of 1UP and Berlin Kidz which could be seen in multiple places along the route. The event ended back at the elephant mural, and it provided the perfect backdrop to end a great event. The sports-based foreground with the mural in behind perfectly summed up what SPRT was trying to achieve in this event. The atmosphere was great and thanks to our partners, all participants were treated to refreshing drinks by Vitamin Well and a healthy smoothie and snack by Body Chief.

“I never would’ve thought I’d be coming back from a sport event covered in paint!!!”

After a short wind down, SPRT took it upon themselves to create a lasting memory of the day by creating some group art. Everyone was assigned one section of a 48 section painting. Therefore even after the event had finished, the team and wider community had created a piece of community-based art, something that perfectly summed up being part of Team SPRT.

Again, a huge thank you has to go to our Ambassador Laurent, for his brilliant knowledge and for taking us to such great locations! Don’t miss any of his other events and make sure you have a look at Music on Walls, and all of his social media sites here and here. We also want to say a huge thank you to our partners, Body Chief and Vitamin well for continually supporting us and for helping make our events the best they can possibly be.

Stay tuned about all our future events and don’t miss a thing by downloading the SPRT App now on both IOS and Android!

Don’t forget to tell us what your favourite mural was and share your pictures with us by tagging @sprt_app on Instagram!

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